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Destination Guide: Singapore

In-depth guide to the most exciting hotels, venues and activities in the Asian state.


Destination Guide: Lisbon

In-depth guide to Portugal's capital and one of Europe's most intruiging cities.

Destination Guide – Moscow

Destination Guide: Moscow

A dynamic metropolis and business centre at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

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Profit warning issued by Ryanair

Profit warning issued by Ryanair

Airline reduces profit expectations by £88m, blaming drop in fares caused by competition during winter.

Allan Heard from 30 Euston Square explains how both food and other forms of waste can be tackled through closer collaboration.

Robots don't always make the best staff

Robots don't always make the best staff

The Henn na Hotel in Japan is 'firing' its robot staff after they failed to reduce costs or workload for employees.

Overcoming event preconceptions

Overcoming event preconceptions

Why event planners should reconsider their initial thoughts about different venues, brands and destinations.