Why the integration of events with marketing is key to maximising success

It’s no coincidence that the best marketing campaigns – those that are revered by marketers and remembered by consumers – are fully integrated and give a consistent message across all channels. 

While the marketing budget dedicated to each individual channel varies from brand to brand depending on their target audience and objectives, there’s no denying that live events are rapidly growing in importance for most. 

If events are such a key channel, then surely it makes sense for them to be at the heart of, or at the very least well integrated into the overall marketing strategy? But event teams have traditionally worked in silos separate to the marketing team, which doesn’t lend itself to an integrated approach. 

C&IT, in partnership with Cvent, surveyed more than 120 marketers and event planners to see where events fit in the overall marketing mix. The purpose of the research was to find out how well integrated events and marketing are, the top challenges and priorities for both sides and where the key differences lie. 

Survey results were shared, reviewed and discussed with industry experts from Cvent, Lloyds Banking Group and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) via a webinar and also at an exclusive roundtable dinner with brands including PwC, Lloyds Banking Group, Whirlpool and Barclays. This exclusive whitepaper reveals the findings.