Big Questions Live: event marketing – the risks, the rewards and the ROI

Big Questions Live: event marketing – the risks, the rewards and the ROI

How can you align events and marketing strategies? How do you uncover the true power of event marketing? Are events a marketing power-tool or an investment risk?

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Event marketing: the risks, the rewards and the ROI
A live panel discussion 

Speakers: Alison Williams, head of events, L'Oréal UK; Matthew Stockbridge, general analytics manager, Mondelez; Catherine Maskell, managing director, Content Marketing Association; Lily Simpson, Founder, Detox Kitchen  

Live events are marketing’s power tool. They put a face on a corporation, they make human connections, they give personality to a business, they create buzz. But compared with other channels, events can appear immature – particularly when it comes to collecting, analysing and understanding data. This needs fixing.

At Big Questions Live, Campaign magazine, in partnership with Cvent and C&IT, brings together event and marketing experts to discuss how best to integrate marketing and event strategies. Join us to discover and debate the changing face of event planning.

We consider…
- Marketing v event: what are the barriers of integration?
- Why digital and event channels/strategies work better together than standalone
- How do you prove ROI?
- How to use data more effectively, efficiently and collaboratively
- How to align strategies for stronger, more measurable results

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Catherine Maskell Catherine Maskell Managing Director The Content Marketing Association
Lily  Simpson Lily Simpson Founder Detox Kitchen
Matthew Stockbridge Matthew Stockbridge Growth analytics manager Mondelez Bio
David  Chalmers David Chalmers Senior Director of Marketing Cvent Bio
Susie  Harwood Susie Harwood C&IT Magazine Moderator Bio