Meeting the attendees of tomorrow

It’s not an easy task targeting technology at millennials – they’re a sophisticated, tech-savvy and always-connected generation.

But, to truly understand who the attendees of the future will be, we must get inside their mindset. Millennials demand more from their event experience and also want everything to be instantly available. While they are powerful influencers, they also rely on each other, seeking advice from friends to make more informed decisions and are much more likely to attend an event if they can do so with their peers.

Making events appealing to millennials, but also post-millennials, might seem a daunting prospect but it’s also a very exciting time for event planners. So how can you take advantage?

This Event Insight takeout report, created in partnership with Blitz|GES, gives you seven ways event technology can help you to tap into the millennial and post-millennial mindset.