Amplifying experiential – Turn audiences into advocates through the power of live experience

Customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiation by 2020, according to a Walker study. Marketers and event professionals know that it’s becoming less about the product and more about the experience they can offer. But how do you create moments worth sharing before, during and after the event? 

This Event white paper, brought to you in partnership with Verve, the Live Agency, will get to the heart of the live experience. Strong social media strategies, live social broadcasting and the use of VR and AR can heighten your events and live experiences. This report features case studies and an in depth look at the latest industry trends so brands can build deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers.


The Power of Technology is the final webinar in this series of four, where we aim to uncover the four pillars to event success: audience, mobile, content and technology. This final instalment brings it altogether, as we explore how to enhance events through technology, making it a core part of your event, before during and after.

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    Calum Di Lieto Editor, C&IT Magazine
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    Tim Sutter Sales executive, Cvent
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    Paul Denny Director, Rapiergroup