Special Report: Future Frontiers 2012

The top emerging destinations and why event planners are picking them, including examples of which brands went where. You can also view this report as a digimag.

Future Frontiers 2012: Opening up the world to delegates

Future Frontiers 2012: Opening up the world to delegates

C&IT's first Future Frontiers report looks at the best new destinations tipped by readers for 2013

Future Frontiers: Destination Survey

Future Frontiers: Destination Survey

C&I buyers cite creativity as key when selecting a new destination - but admit their decisions are also influenced by practical factors such as flight time

Destination Profiles: Short-Haul

Five of the best short-haul destinations on buyers' pitch lists for 2013

Future Frontiers: Destination thinktank

Future Frontiers: Destination thinktank

C&IT's thinktank on which destinations are being chosen for pitch lists in 2013 and beyond reveals that event planners are getting more adventurous

Destination Profiles: Long-Haul

The best medium/long-haul destinations on buyers' 2013 pitch lists


Off the beaten track

Case studies from brand event planners who ran events in some far-flung destinations across the world

Singapore promo image

Destination Guide: Singapore

In-depth guide to the most exciting hotels, venues and activities in the Asian state.


Destination Guide: Lisbon

In-depth guide to Portugal's capital and one of Europe's most intruiging cities.

Destination Guide – Moscow

Destination Guide: Moscow

A dynamic metropolis and business centre at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.