Global public health threats, like the Coronavirus, have ramifications unforeseen by the event industry. Following ongoing requests from our audience we’re hosting a live C&IT Briefing through our live stream partner. This will bring together experts in crisis management to educate you on what this issue means for event planners. It's no longer enough to simply take precautions and prepare for crises like this – it's vital that we actively assess the risks and stay informed of the latest developments to be able to deal with possible event scenarios that will result from these types of outbreaks. With so much going on right now and with the picture constantly changing we will be hosting this live stream webinar on 22nd April where we will dissect what has happened so far and how it will affect the future. We have currently sent out a survey and with over 1000 participants already we’ll share the results. At this point so much is unknown and the future is clouded so join us on the 22nd where we will help guide you through the uncertainty created by Covid 19.

On the day you will hear from speakers that will help you with...

  • The financial costs

  • The insurance and legal ramifications

  • The logistical challenges 

  • The health and safety implications

  • The PR headaches

  • The crisis management lessons


Welcome from C&IT

Calum Di Lieto, Editor, C&IT Magazine

The financial costs

Experts will help you understand how you can mitigate, manage or recoup any coronavirus-related costs. From loss of income to additional expenses, there are a number of financial ripples from the virus. It could be as small as extra measures needed, to as large as an entire cancellation (like Mobile World Congress recently).

Speaker to be confirmed

The insurance and legal ramifications

Most insurance policies will not cover you for the aforementioned costs. Even policies with a Notifiable or Communicable Disease extension don't cover coronavirus as it's not deemed 'notifiable'. And new policies are likely to exclude coronavirus as it is a pre-existing circumstance, so what should event planners do now and in the future? Our experts will help.

Speaker to be confirmed

CASE STUDY: The first venue to have a case confirmed

The QEII Centre London had a delegate attend a UK Bus Summit at the venue on 6 February, who was subsequently diagnosed with Coronavirus. This sparked huge interest from not only the media, but those delegates who had attended the summit, planners for forthcoming events booked at the centre as well as their own staff. We’ll reveal the lessons they learnt around forward planning, setting precedents, and stakeholder management.

Speaker to be confirmed

The crisis management lessons?

Coronavirus isn't the only crisis that has impacted the MICE industry, and it won't be the last. And although no one can predict what's coming, prevention is better than cure. So our experts will look at the best ways to get ahead of any type of disaster, how to react to issues on the day and future-proof your business the best way possible.

Speakers to be confirmed

The PR headaches

There are a number of PR agencies launching dedicated coronavirus departments due to the demand in reputation management around the virus. The impact of cancelling an event can go far beyond financial costs, in fact the brand damage in some instances can be immeasurable. Our experts talk about how to reduce the negative connotations and draw parallels with similar issues in the past (like SARS)..

Speaker to be confirmed

Plan B: the option of virtual & semi-virtual conferences

Face-to-face meetings and live events will always be irreplaceable, but in the wake of a number of live events being cancelled and travel bans being implemented, sometimes a Plan B is needed. Jamie looks at the option of virtual and semi-virtual events for those clients looking to cancel or postpone their meetings, with examples of agencies that have adopted this tactic.ke SARS)..

Speaker to be confirmed

Panel Q&A

Our experts come together to answer questions on all aspects of the coronavirus and its impact on events.

Speakers to be confirmed

Closing Remarks
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* Please note that the agenda and speaker line-up are subject to change.

Date: 22 april, 2020

Time: 3pm 

EDT (11am), AWDT (12am), PDT (8am), CST (11pm)


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