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Destination Guide: Singapore

In-depth guide to the most exciting hotels, venues and activities in the Asian state.


Destination Guide: Lisbon

In-depth guide to Portugal's capital and one of Europe's most intruiging cities.

Destination Guide – Moscow

Destination Guide: Moscow

A dynamic metropolis and business centre at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

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Download: Glasgow

Download: Glasgow

Download C&IT's latest feature on Glasgow, with a 48-hour itinerary featuring fine food and sporting fun.

Event planners guide to... Vancouver & Whistler

Event planners guide to... Vancouver & Whistler

Canada's stunning west coast has direct flights from London, plentiful luxury hotels and extraordinary experiences.

IHG Business Rewards loyalty programme has unveiled "Double Play", a new offer that will enable bookers to earn double points on bookings made from January to April 2017.

The post-Brexit Sterling slump is putting additional pressure on clients' increasingly tight event budgets.

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