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Destination Guide: Singapore

In-depth guide to the most exciting hotels, venues and activities in the Asian state.


Destination Guide: Lisbon

In-depth guide to Portugal's capital and one of Europe's most intruiging cities.

Destination Guide – Moscow

Destination Guide: Moscow

A dynamic metropolis and business centre at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

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Industry welcomes Heathrow Airport expansion announcement

Industry welcomes Heathrow Airport expansion announcement

The events industry has welcomed the long-awaited government approval for a third runway at Heathrow airport, though concerns over the time frame have been raised.

C&IT's flagship Grand Prix award was one by agency Rapport for the global roadshow event ONE Astellas Live, which travelled to 16 countries throughout the EMEA region.

Swiss International Airlines is launching new flights between London Heathrow and Sion.

Britain's coastal towns and cities offer great hotels, venues and beautiful beaches. C&IT compares three of the best for conferences and incentives.

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